About us

Exquisite hand-made oriental rugs and carpets

We are a family business that has specialised in selling the finest hand-made oriental rugs and carpets for over 50 years. We have one of the largest ranges in the country and are amongst only about a dozen retailers of our kind outside of London.

JW Jennings hand picked handmade rugs, cushions, stools

Lovingly chosen

We are passionate about every one of our rugs and travel extensively to find the best examples, such as our Persian rugs, which we carefully select from established weavers who use vegetable-dyed hand-spun wool or the finest silk. We also make a point of meeting the weavers and their families, ensuring that we remain closely connected to them and that the quality is always second to none.

Clair from Jennings handpicking rugs

Always personal

We offer our customers an unusually high level of personal and very friendly service, and it's always a pleasure finding just the right rug to enhance their homes. We willingly share our extensive knowledge and expertise, and can provide a wealth of information and advice on all our products, whether Persian rugs or silk runners - including the origins of the rugs, colour schemes, designs and how to look after them. We try to cater for all tastes and budgets and carry a range of sizes from doormats to room-size carpets.

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Take a look at the wide range of traditional and oriental rugs

on our website or come and visit us at our period Tudor shop in the medieval town of Tewkesbury, only a stone’s throw from Tewkesbury Abbey.